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iLegend Prefabricated Modular Data Center meets the IP55 protection level, and adopts all-in-one design, and is prefabricated and pre-tested in the factory. To form a unit that can operate independently, it integrates the power supply and distribution system, free cooling, cabinet system, closed aisle system, monitoring system, and fire control system into one container, meeting the outdoor data center construction needs of rapid deployment and agile delivery. the smart IMDC solution especially suitable in some field such as marine scientific research, oil exploration or communications of emergency which are hard to build a data room.
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Safe and reliable

• All components follow domestic and international standardized production standard to ensure product quality.

• IP55 protection, with excellent waterproof performance, suitable for a variety of complex scenes.

• Redundant design of key components to improve system reliability

• Integrated video, access control and intelligent monitoring management system to ensure safe and reliable equipment operation.

High efficiency and energy saving

• All-in-one design, hot and cold aisle isolation, fully enclosed design, improve the efficiency of cooling capacity and save energy.

• Adopt full inverter precision air conditioner, output cooling capacity on demand, precise cooling and save more energy.

• Adopt energy-efficient modular UPS with intelligent sleeping function, more energy-saving.

• Integrated design of power distribution cabinet and UPS, saving space.

Rapid installation

• Power supply and distribution, air conditioner, cabinets system, closed access, monitoring system and fire protection system are factory prefabricated and pre installed, plug-and-play.

• Standard container, in line with domestic and international sea and land transportation conditions, worldwide reachable.

• No need for professional server room, can be installed directly on the concrete floor of the building or outdoor, simple and fast.

Intelligent management

• Intelligently monitor the working status of power and environmental system.

• Real-time alerts can be made in time via SMS, telephone voice, email, sound and light.

• Provide a variety of human-machine interaction methods such as O&M screen, remote APP, local LCD and Web.

• Provides ModbusTCP, MQTT and other northbound interfaces to facilitate system integration.

iLegend Container Data Center Product Specification

40ft  layout All-In-One solution20ft  layout All-In-One solution
Cabinet SystemSize  of IT cabinetW×D×Hmm600×1200×2000600×1200×2000
Num. of IT cabinetpcs83
Power of each cabinetkW6/9High density6/9High density
Total powerkW48/72High density18/27High density
Power and Distribution
Power  supply system 250A Dual input/ATS optional; 380/400/415V,  50/60Hz, 3Ph+N+PE; input lightning protection 8/20us, In=20kA, Imax=40kA  125A  Dual input/ATS optional; 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph+N+PE; input lightning  protection 8/20us, In=20kA, Imax=40kA  
UPSModular  Online UPS 90~150kVAModular  Online UPS 40~90kVA
Battery back-up timeIn-row  battery cabinet, the number of battery and capacity can be selected according  to project requirements
PDU16  port IEC PDUC13*12+C19*4,32A
Cooling SystemCooling  method Default installation of 25kW air-cooled  inverter in-row air conditioner300mm  wide
Monitoring SystemPower  and environment systemMonitoring  host can realize the centralized monitoring of integrated power distribution  cabinet, UPS, air conditioning, access control, video, fire, etc., and  support sound and light, telephone, WeChat, SMS, e-mail multiple alarm  methods
Access controlSupport  IC card + password + fingerprint three-in-one access control system, optional  face recognition
Local DisplaySupport  10.1 inch touch screen, support local touch screen, client, remote Web,  mobile app and other display methods
Fire Prevention System Fire  extinguishing systemAutomatic  flooding fire extinguishing system, cold/hot aisles are equipped with smoke  and temperature sensor, automatic control of fire gas release , support for  sound and light, gas release indicator and other warning methods, support for  manual emergency opening of the fire extinguishing system (optional Pipe fire  extinguishers)
Fire extinguishing gasFM200/HFC-227ea  (Novec 1230 optional
Container Structure Container  size
Weight of containerT84
Container load-bearingT157
Container protectionWaterproof,  dustproof, anti-mold, protection grade: IP55
Operation EnvironmentAmbient  temperature(℃)-40~50-20 below require optional low temperature components and water  pipes need to do insulation treatment
AltitudemMore  than 1000m need to be derated
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