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VCEW Series is a liquid temperature control product developed for battery thermal management, data center, and other application environments in the energy storage industry. It is suitable for temperature control of energy storage batteries and other equipment sensitive to temperature fluctuations.



Safe and Reliable

1) Using PTC liquid heater, stable heat generation.

2) A variety of sensors and monitoring functions enable ultra-high reliability.

3) Closed circulation system ensures stable coolant performance.

4) Ultra-wide operating range, able to work within the temperature range of -30℃-55℃.

5) IPX5 high waterproof level, 100% fully tested.

Smart and Efficient

1) Using a variable frequency compressor, accurately temperature control to be more efficient and energy-saving.

2) Standard 7-inch intelligent touch screen, more convenient operation.

3) Self-starting, self-diagnosis and alarm management.

4) 30-day historical curve, 5,000 historical data check.

Worry-free installation

1) Integrated structural design, and reserved quick connectors for the liquid inlet and outlet make the connection easier.

2) Condensate discharge directly to outdoor design.

3) Equipped with water filter, easier sewage maintenance.

Power supply  rangeV, Hz380V 3N50Hz
Rated cooling  capacitykW5.07.510.012.515.0
Rated  circulating water flowm³/h3.
Rated  external circulation headkPa100100110110160
Temperature  range of water outlet1035
Standard  water outlet temperature15
No. of  compressors-1
Coolant-Coolant(e.g. 50% aqueous ethylene glycol  solution)
Operating  Temperature-3055
Protection  level-IPX5
Full load  currentA17.621.72328.816.5
Installation-Wall/Door mounted
Noise LevelsdB(A)75
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