ITalent series of Large-sized integrated data center

Widely used in large-scale data centers, park data centers, core business computer rooms are suitable for leasing and self-use services such as government, medical care, education, finance, and telecommunications.


Safe and reliable

•All components follow domestic and international standardized production standards to ensure good product quality.

•The reliability of data center productization, and process productization reach 99.999%.

•The data center’s power distribution and cooling system are designed in accordance with the national standard A-level computer room (international standard Tier Level IV).

•Products such as power distribution and refrigeration systems adopt internationally renowned brands to ensure the safety and reliability of the computer room.

•UPS power supply adopts modular N+X redundant design to improve system’s reliability.

Efficient and energy saving

•Combined applications such as high-level air conditioners, modular UPS, enclosed hot and cold aisles, and smart power distribution cabinets can reduce the annual average PUE to 1.50.

•Adopt inter-row air conditioner for refrigeration, enclosed cooling space to realize precise refrigeration nearby, extremely improve the refrigeration efficiency. and it can save energy by more than 25% compared with the traditional machine room.

•UPS adopts N+X pure online high-efficiency modular UPS, which can realize intelligent sleep function to save more energy.

•High-density deployment, the maximum power of a single cabinet can reach 10KW.

•The power supply and distribution are integrated to save space. 1-2 more equipment cabinets can be deployed.

•Remote operation and maintenance are not on duty, saving TCO

Simple and fast

•Standardized components, modular architecture, and rapid on-demand deployment of matching services.

•Without the need of a professional computer room, it can be directly installed on the mud floor of the building, reducing the number of external supporting procedures.

•Product standardization, modularization, plug-and-play, convenient installation, greatly shortened the business onine cycle

Intelligent management

•It can realize the unified monitoring control of data center infrastructure movement, environment, video, access badges, etc.

•It has functions such as alarm management, report management, usage management, energy efficiency management, etc. to realize ully intelligent management

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