iWit Medium-Sized Integrated Data Center Solution

INVT Network Power launches the iWit, a new addition to its Integrated Data Center Solution following the iSmart. iWit integrates a full set of power distribution functions and consists of three parts: one main cabinet +N* auxiliary cabinets+N*air conditrioners. The main cabinet includes monitoring module, LCD, PDU, UPS, etc. The auxiliary cabinet comes with a cabinet and a single cabinet control module as standard. We can provide customers with all options, and you can choose according to your needs. The capacity of a single cabinet≈3~10kVA, integrates all needed equipment into cabinet with closed hot and cold aisles. The overall area of a single cabinet is 0.84㎡, which is suitable for computer rooms within 20-60㎡.

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Customer Values:

1.Safe and reliable.

2.High efficiency and energy saving.

3.Rapid installation.

4.Intelligent management.

Core Features:

1.Saving 3U cabinet space.

2.Saving energy more than 25%.

3.Workable in outdoor environment.

4-6 hours from installation to use.

Scene Case


INVT ITalent series products provide great help for the safe operation of the power supply system of the data room in the cultural activities of Gusu City.


INVT's ITalent series can more accurately match customer needs with super-high technical performance, and become an ideal choice for the safety and security of the Handan Fire Fighting Team's data center.


INVT's ITalent series has created a safe, reliable, simple, fast, and intelligently managed data center computer room for Zhuhai Sanitation Bureau with safe, efficient and ? reliable dispatch command and extensive application of advanced technology and equipment.

INVT's ITalent series of products ensure the more efficient and safer operation of key equipment and facilities in the Western Provincial Cancer Hospital, allowing customers to obtain more stable and complete protection.

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