iSmart Series Integrated Cabinet Solution

iSmart Series Integrated Cabinet Solution integrates UPS, air conditioner, power distribution module, monitoring system, temperature and humidity detection, light and access control in a standard 19-inch server cabinet. All equipment is pre-installed and pre-commissioned in the factory. The on-site installation is easy and convenient, which can realize rapid deployment, occupy less area, and comes with remote web interface monitoring function, which can realize remote operation and maintenance of a site.

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Safe and reliable

● All components follow domestic and international standardized production standards to ensure product quality.

● Pre-installation, pre-commissioning and other process are controlled at various levels to ensure product installation and 
operation safe and reliable.

● A single cabinet is a complete system, suitable for various complex scenes (dust, narrow space, no insulation measures, etc.).

● Integrated design, overall delivery, avoid system design problems.

● The emergency cooling fan can delay the channel overheating and reserves time for data backup.

● The cabinet integrates an intelligent monitoring system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the computer room.

Efficiency and energy saving

● Proximal refrigeration, high-efficiency power supply, and the overall annual average PUE of single cabinet ≈ 1.30.

● The power distribution, UPS, monitoring, and refrigeration cabinets are integrated to save space.

● Engineering free design, free decoration and wiring, remote operation and maintenance are not on duty, saving TCO.

Easy installation and rapid deployment

● Modular design of power distribution, easy installation and maintenance.

● Rack-mounted air conditioner indoor unit, pipe thread connection, easy maintenance.

● The computer room does not need special decoration treatment, and the equipment is ready to use. Installation and commissioning cycle only need 3 hours.

● A single cabinet is a complete system, which can be easily and quickly expanded to 2-3 cabinets side by side.

Intelligent management

● The monitoring system is extensible and compatible with third-party monitoring systems; friendly human-computer interface.

● Support local and remote WEB interface access, SMS alarm function

Scene Case


INVT ITalent series products provide great help for the safe operation of the power supply system of the data room in the cultural activities of Gusu City.


INVT's ITalent series can more accurately match customer needs with super-high technical performance, and become an ideal choice for the safety and security of the Handan Fire Fighting Team's data center.


INVT's ITalent series has created a safe, reliable, simple, fast, and intelligently managed data center computer room for Zhuhai Sanitation Bureau with safe, efficient and ? reliable dispatch command and extensive application of advanced technology and equipment.

INVT's ITalent series of products ensure the more efficient and safer operation of key equipment and facilities in the Western Provincial Cancer Hospital, allowing customers to obtain more stable and complete protection.

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