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Service purpose

"Customer first" is INVT's service tenet. Everything is centered on the needs of users, and it is INVT’s customer service goal to continuously create the best service and value for users.

Pre sales service

    • Pre-sale technical solutions

      Support According to the specific needs of users on site, INVT can provide overall solution technical support. The plan strives to enable users to obtain safer, more reliable, and more cost-effective products and systems.
    • Pre-sale technical exchange

      INVT is happy to provide users with pre-sale technical exchange services. Through face-to-face communication, users can better understand and master the relevant knowledge of the network energy system.
    • Customized solutions

      INVT's first-class technical team can provide personalized network energy solutions for users' power environment and equipment requirements to add value to users.

Service in sale

INVT’s professional technicians provide users with a series of professional services such as installation and commissioning. From the installation of the complete machine and battery cabinet to the construction of the monitoring system, all services

after-sale service

    • Warranty

      You can enjoy warranty service during the warranty period when you purchase INVT products, and all accessories are original products. Customers who have exceeded the warranty period can still enjoy INVT's comprehensive after-sales service.
    • Inspection

      INVT customer service personnel will conduct inspection services according to user needs, and maintain and repair the products on the user site. According to the changes of users' on-site needs, INVT will develop solutions to meet the needs of users.
    • Lifetime maintenance, nationwide global warranty

      The maintenance service provided by INVT enables users to use the full range of network energy products without any worries. During the maintenance period, INVT will undertake all maintenance and repair work of the product.

Service system

"Market-oriented, user-centric," is INVT's service tenet and goal. Through nearly ten years of experience and exploration, INVT has taken the lead in the industry to establish a “Global Customer Response System—China Customer Service Center—Regional

Reasonable layout of service system

In the five-level service system with extensive coverage and reasonable layout, the geographic location of the maintenance organization in each level is set based on INVT’s years of service experience and accurate calculations to determine the best service radius. Ensure the shortest on-site response time.
Level 1: Global Customer Response System
Level 2: Greater China Service Department
Level 3: Regional Technical Support Center
Level 4: Regional Maintenance Center< br/>Level 5: Local Authorized Service Centers

Excellent professional technical service team

INVT’s service system has more than 150 certified service engineers who dispatch orders through the global customer response system to provide users with comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales technical services.

Expert pre-sale technical support

INVT Global Customer Response System has many senior technical experts with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, providing users with expert-level remote consulting services.

Fast service response time

INVT's spare parts/spare parts centers all over the country can ensure that users get a quick on-site response in the shortest time and effectively shorten the maintenance cycle.

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