Closed Channel System

Product Introduction

The INVT modular data center infrastructure solution integrates all subsystems such as cabinets, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, monitoring and wiring, and supports flexible deployment of single cabinets, single-row cabinets, and double-row cabinets with closed cold aisles. It has the characteristics of high density and modularity, high reliability and availability, flexible configuration and rapid deployment, simple installation and green energy saving, and perfect intelligent monitoring.

Scope of application

The ISmart series can be used in computer rooms below 30 square meters or IT loads 5kVA-20kVA, bank savings offices, securities and insurance business halls, video surveillance, small access computer rooms, shopping malls, supermarkets, network computer rooms in primary and middle schools.

The Wisdom IWit series can be used in small computer rooms above 30 square meters or IT loads 20kVA-90kVA, bank savings offices, securities and insurance business halls, video surveillance, small access computer rooms, shopping malls, supermarkets, primary and middle school network computer rooms, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.

Tengzhi ITalent series closed cold aisles can be used in computer rooms above 100 square meters, and can be used in large and medium-sized data centers with multi-module combinations to meet the deployment needs of large and medium-sized data centers in the government, telecommunications, education, finance, and medical industries.



Configure on demand and quickly deploy

INVT modular data center strictly follows international/domestic standards during planning and design, adopts modular design ideas, is highly integrated, and is easy to install.
The modular data center is partially pre-installed with cabinets before leaving the factory. You can use it after simple operations such as simple combination and placement of water and electricity and fixed cabinets.

Security management Intelligent and reliable

The modular data center follows the GB50174 standard, and the equipment is safe and reliable.
The modular data center is designed with full consideration of the ability to withstand natural disasters, and has reliable power and cold supply to ensure the normal operation of the communication network.
The modular data center is equipped with a complete monitoring system, which can know the environment and power environment of the computer room at any time, and improve the prevention and monitoring capabilities of the computer room.

Green and efficient, energy saving and environmental protection

The modular data center adopts precision air supply and sealed cold aisles to reduce energy consumption, avoid mixing of hot and cold air flows, and improve the efficiency of electric power usage.
Modular data centers improve the energy efficiency of data centers and reduce energy consumption by more than 30% compared with traditional data centers.

Flexible expansion and rapid response

Modular data center adopts modular design and can be flexibly configured to quickly adapt to site requirements.
The modular data center reserves a reasonable margin on the power supply and communication ports to achieve flexible expansion.

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