VCR Series In-row Precision AC (25kW-60kW)

VcolRow in-row computer room precision air conditioning units, range from 25-60KW, is a kind of intelligent temperature control product especially suitable for modular or container data center.
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    The in-row cooling units supports two types of air supply mode: Horizontal airflow supply and front airflow supply, and usually deployed in the cabinet arrangement, installed side by side with the server cabinet, combined with enclosed hot and cold aisle, close to the heat source and efficient cooling, creating an ideal operating environment for the key infrastructure of the data center.

    Product features:

    1. High efficiency

    1> Full frequency conversion design, intelligent control cooling capacity and air volume output on demand to achieve efficient operation. 

    2> High return air temperature design improves cooling efficiency.

    2. Energy saving

    1> Accurate control of temperature and humidity.

    2> Adopting variable frequency scroll compressor that has 20%~100% dynamic adjustment of cooling capacity output.

    3> Adopting EC Backward Centrifugal Fan, adjusts the speed output according to the real-time thermal load change.

    4> Adopting electronic expansion valve that has fast response speed and precise flow adjustment.

    3. Intelligent

    1> Using 7-inch color capacitive touch screen. 

    2> Support graphic status and temperature and humidity curve display. 

    3> Support 64 units for CAN communication networking. 

    4> 10 temperature sensors can be connected. 

    5> Standard Rs485 interface, support optional SNMP interface. 

    6> Three-level password protection, hierarchical authorization management. 

    7> Multiple intelligent control modes.

    4. Reliable

    1> Adopting variable frequency scroll compressor , excellent resistance to liquid impact and lower noise. 

    2> Highly reliable full frequency conversion control, starting current less than rated current and lower impact of power grid. 

    3> Adopting two stage evaporator, add water tray in the middle, effectively prevent blowing water. 

    4> Intelligent detection of supply voltage, frequency and three- phase imbalance. 

    5> Adopting high-quality components that are strictly tested and certified. 

    6> High strength structure design could ensure solid and reliable.

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