VCA Series Room Precision AC (5kW-20.5kW)

The VCA series room precision air conditioners are small room-level precision AC that provides temperature, humidity and cleanliness control for the installation site. The air-conditioning unit adopts a split floor-standing structure, consisting of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.
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    Air supply mode: Top front supply, downflow supply or upflow supply method. It's used to ensure a reasonable temperature and humidity operating environment for cabinet equipment, server equipment, industrial process equipment, communication equipment, UPS, power distribution equipment, etc.

    Product features:

    1. Energy efficient

    1> Large air volume, small enthalpy difference, high sensible heat ratio design, to meet the temperature control needs of the server room. 

    2> High energy-efficient compressor with electronic expansion valve as standard for fast response and more accurate flow adjustment. 

    3> High efficiency backward tilting centrifugal fan with low energy consumption and high air volume to ensure uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the server room. 

    4> The use of high-efficiency internally threaded copper tubes and hydrophilic layer-plated open-window aluminum fin evaporators for higher heat transfer efficiency. 

    5> Outdoor fan with infinitely adjustable speed control, matching condensing pressure operation, energy saving and noise reduction. 

    6> Standard with electrode humidifier, higher humidification efficiency and wider application range.

    2. Safe and reliable

    1> Use of rigorously certified, high-quality devices to enhance reliability. 

    2> Products are subjected to rigorous and repeated testing and verification, with high standards required for high quality delivery. 

    3> 365 x 24 hours non-stop operation, long life design and low maintenance costs. 

    4> Ultra-wide grid adaptability to avoid frequent start/stop of air conditioners. 

    5> Highly efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A as standard. 

    6>Threaded quick coupling design for no welding on site.

    3. Intelligent control

    1> 4.3-inch true color touch screen, multi-level password authority, system self- test diagnostic function, more intelligent; 

    2> Comprehensive monitoring and display of power supply voltage, frequency, phase sequence, cooling capacity, air volume, temperature and humidity curve and other key information, real-time control of the normal state of the system; 

    3> Up to 64 air conditioners can be rotated patrol group control to achieve scheduled rotation, fault rotation, cascading, demand synchronization, anti- competitive operation, etc; 4> Support power-on self-start and timer on/off functions, easy to manage air conditioners; 5> Local storage of not less than 1000 history records, easy to view and trace; 

    6> Standard RS485 interface, support optional SNMP interface.

    4. Customizable

    1> Standard with electrode humidifier, support optional wet film humidifier; 

    2> 100% full frontal maintenance and more flexible installation; 

    3> Support optional upper pipe / upper drainage to meet the needs of different scenarios; 4> Support AC/EC fans optional according to actual needs; 

    5> Optional dual power input; 

    6> A variety of air supply methods to meet a variety ofapplications; 

    7> Optional phase tolerance function to better protect the power of air conditioners.

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