INSPDS precise power distribution cabinet/array cabinet

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    High security

    • The wiring layout on the back of the cabinet is reasonable, tidy, and uniquely configured for zero row and ground row operation,safe and reliable.

    • All the circuit breakers are installed in the switch module, with an open protective panel, only operation handles and buttons are available.

    High reliability

    • Circuit breakers adopts international or domestic well-known brand products, which are reliable, safe and maintenance- free.

    • Equipped with a surge protector to prevent surges and lightning strikes.

    High maintainability

    • It can be designed as dual input and output, and the system can be maintained without power.

    • Optional hot-swappable adjustable phase circuit breaker, the switch can be replaced under power. The three-phase load can be adjusted to the balance without any cable distribution. The output switch can choose a plug and play terminal, which is installed on the back of output terminal area. The terminal area is convenient for wiring, and can be quickly switched to standby output terminal when the output circuit is maintained. The intelligent monitoring module can be replaced online, and module troubleshooting and replacement can be monitored when the system is powered on, which makes maintenance simple and convenient.

    High flexibility

    • The cabinet adopts double-tube profiles, with an appearance of server. The high-density holes are in the front and rear , and the size can be customized according to needs, isolation transformer is optional.

    • 7 inch touch screen+intelligent management

    • Equipped with a touch screen of 7 inches and above, which can display the current, voltage, frequency, power, active power, reactive power, power factor, voltage harmonics, current harmonics, switching status, load percentage, etc. of the main and branch circuit.

    • Give an alarm in advance to inform the power supply system of the computer room of abnormal conditions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, and overload. In order to find safety hazards as early as possible and take corresponding measures to avoid risks.

    High power density

    • INSPDS power distribution single cabinet can be equipped with 19 inch or 23 inch cabinet, and the circuit branch can support the maximum 126 circuits (single-pole circuit) or 42 circuits (3-pole circuit); if it is equipped with lightning strike protection function, it can support the maximum of 108 channels (single-pole circuit) or 36 channels (3-pole circuit), which greatly saves the computer room space.

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