Rack air conditioner

INVT rack-mounted precision air conditioner for computer rooms is a high-performance precision air conditioner specially launched for one-stop installation and circulating cooling inside server cabinets, combined with current industry trends such as computer room integration and intelligent computer room.
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    • Large air volume, small enthalpy difference, 365 days * 24 hours continuous operation design, with high efficiency, energy saving, stability, long life design.

    • Multiple exhaust air design + drainage pipe anti-inflow design; eliminate the risk of flooding in the cabinet;

    • A variety of temperature control logic, the internal temperature sensor of the air conditioner supports remote collection of the temperature of the upper part of the cabinet; eliminates the risk of hot spots in the cabinet; Intelligent self-detection and intelligent early warning of refrigerant quantity; avoid the high temperature problem of the cabinet caused by the lack of fluorine after long-term operation; (optional)

    • Inverter compressor, automatically adjust the refrigeration output according to the cabinet load; standard electronic expansion valve, smoothly adjust the throttle opening, and automatically control the refrigerant flow;

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