Precision air conditioner (26kW~100kW)

Widely used in Enterprise IT room, Small data center, Industrial clean room, Constant temperature and humidity, production process workshop, Laboratory, Power equipment room, Railway and subway dispatching/ communication room, Mobile communication base station, Small and medium telecommunications, exchange rooms, etc.
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    Control system characteristics

    • Control storage system

      The display can access to see a number of historical alarm. Extensible storage and retrieval history records.

      Various operating data can be stored regularly.

      Can store long-term historical data and pass the computer. Read the data directly.

    • Control acquisition system

      Combined with the group control system, multiple temperature

      and humidity sensors can be connected to detect multiple cabinets (rack).

    • Import and export temperature and humidity

      According to the cooling demand of the rack, select the control mode, including the maximum value and average value, etc., as the basis for calculating the cooling demand, and can combine with fixed-point precise air supply to achieve energy saving in the computer room.

    • Control group control system

      32 units can be group-controlled, easily networked, and shared temperature and humidity settings. Group control module: demand energy efficiency management, trend energy efficiency management, timed round robin and automatic fault switching, to achieve adaptive energy saving of air conditioning groups.

    • Control and monitoring system

      Standard RS485 interface, optional Ethernet interface, support TCP/IP, SNMP protocol, optional GPRS module.

    • Control display system

      Standard display board (optional 7-inch 800*480 dot matrix true color large touch screen)

    IN unit design features

    • High reliability

      Strictly certified high-quality components.

      Each unit has undergone strict online operation tests before leaving the factory

    • High energy saving rate

      The control system ensures the best efficiency of the refrigeration system.

      Efficient integrated EC fan, the air volume of the fan can be continuously adjusted.

      The downward air supply adopts the EC fan sinking design.

      Flexible scroll compressor with high efficiency and low noise.

      The high-precision expansion valve provides precise refrigeration, high efficiency and energy saving.

      Efficient dehumidification design, absolute humidity control.

      High-efficiency frequency conversion control stepless speed regulation outdoor fan.

      Modular design, excellent airflow organization and high energy efficiency ratio.

    • High adaptability

      There are multiple configurations of the bottom air supply and the upper air supply 

      unit, and multiple monitoring methods.

      The air-cooled condenser provides configurations suitable for different temperature 

      environments (including low temperature startup) and can be customized according  to customer needs.

    • Multi-cooling section


      Single compressor refrigeration system, dual compressor refrigeration system.

      Single system condenser, dual system condenser

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