Precision air conditioner(5kW~20kW)

Enterprise IT room Small data center Industrial clean room Constant temperature and humidity production process workshop laboratory Power equipment room Railway and subway dispatching/ communication room Mobile communication base station Small and medium telecommunications exchange rooms, etc.
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    • The appearance and color design of the cabinet consistent with the IT machine room.

    • Fully intelligent and precise controlled constant temperature and humidity function. 365 days × 24 hours continuous and uninterrupted all-day operation design.

    • Long-life design, low operating and maintenance costs.

    • The design of large air volume and small enthalpy difference meets the professional temperature control needs of the computer room.

    • Standard high-efficiency backward-inclined centrifugal fan, low energy consumption, large air volume, and long air supply distance to ensure uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the machine room.

    • Ultra- wide power adaptability, phase sequence detection function, incoming call auto- start and delayed start function. Stepless speed regulation function of outdoor unit.

    • Abundant in-system detection, alarm and protection functions.

    • Set the parameters to automatically protect, and the operating parameters and alarm records will not be lost after power failure. Store 100 historical alarm details.

    • Standard RS485 communication connection.

    • Optional Ethernet interface, support TCP/IP, SNMP protocol.

    • Optional GPRS module can be used to automatically send short messages and provide specific fault status of maintenance personnel, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to perform maintenance based on the provision of targeted carrying tools. Provide free standard communication protocol.

    • Standard display board, optional full Chinese display, multi- level password authority, expert system self- check and diagnosis function.

    • Abundant optional functional components to adapt to various special installation occasions and functional requirements.

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