Inter-row air conditioner

Widely used in High heat density data centers, Various modular data centers, Data centers with low PUE requirements, Local hot spots in computer rooms, High heat density areas in medium and large computer rooms, Data centers with tight computer room area.
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    • Installed close to the heat source, short convection path and low cooling loss;

    • The return air temperature is high, and the matching degree is high with the output air temperature of the equipment with large heat;

    • High energy efficiency ratio, energy saving, low operating cost;

    • Sensible heat ratio is 100%, which will not cause excessive dehumidification;

    • High reliability and long life design: 24 hours 365 days uninterrupted operation design, design life is more than 10 years;

    • The main components are easily disassembled, the fan is hot-swappable, and the front and rear door maintenance is consistent with the maintenance habits of

    • the cabinet, without side maintenance;

    • Multiple high-efficiency backward-inclined centrifugal direct-connected EC fans, with redundant air volume design, each fan runs at the best efficiency point under the design standard conditions, avoiding running at the maximum air volume point

    • The fan adopts a full-covering layout, covering the entire facade of the unit. Both the airflow organization in the machine and the airflow organization of the incoming and outgoing air are distributed more evenly, which is more conducive to improving energy efficiency and improving the cooling effect;

    • The evaporator adopts a full cabinet design, which maximizes the use of space in the unit and makes the heat exchange area larger;

    • The full-cabinet evaporator design and the full-covering fan can achieve the best heat exchange effect and more stable and even cold transfer ;

    • No additional customization is required. Stepless speed regulation frequency conversion outdoor fan, system operation is more stable and energy saving;

    • Standard outdoor unit can adapt to outdoor -20℃ ambient temperature, low  temperature start type can adapt to outdoor -35 ambient temperature;

    • Available to adapt to the maximum outdoor temperature of 40℃/50℃;

    • Extremely strong power adaptability: ultra-wide input voltage adaptability range ;220V/380V±10%, enhancement and alarm functions.

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