eSite cloud map monitoring system

Widely used in Outlets, Base stations, Medium-sized data centers, Micro-module data centers.
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    • It supports B/S architecture, and no software is required for web access.

    • Highly integrated software and hardware integrated power and environment monitoring host.

    • Power and environment monitoring is integrated.

    • 19 inch rack installation, easy maintenance.

    • Intelligent terminal host has all the connections, and the standardized connections are easy to connect and quick to implement.

    • It has a complete history record and event processing record function, and can export documents.

    • Diversified warning methods: SMS, email, voice, sound and light, etc.

    • A large-capacity SD card can be built in to store a large amount of data records.

    • Support northbound connections such as ModbusTCP, SNMP, MQTT, HTTP, etc., which can realize private cloud or public cloud platform monitoring.

    • Support the mobile APP management interface.

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